Beyond the Walls

Beyond the Walls

Lille Grand Palais. It is a natural response to the mission the company has set itself: to be the standard-bearer for Lille as a destination.


16 years after its creation, the fair has become an eagerly awaited event. It now attracts a growing community of collectors and lovers of contemporary art. By orchestrating an exhibition outside the walls, Lille Art Up! enriches the experience it offers its visitors. It also puts the spotlight on the abundant offerings of the region’s museums.


In 2024, 6 museums from the Lille metropolitan area and the Hauts-de-France region will be joining us. Le Muba, la Piscine, La cité des électriciens, le Fresnoy, le LaM and Lasécu are offering special tours of their temporary and permanent exhibitions as part of the fair. All of which continue to contribute to Lille’s reputation as a European Capital of Culture, recognised since 2004.


Discover the Beyong the Wall tour :

La Cité des Électriciens

Built in 1856 and renovated in 2019 by the Philippe Prost architectural studio, the Cité des Électriciens is the oldest coron in the Pas-de-Calais region. While it bears witness to the evolution of working-class housing and the industrialisation of the region, the Cité des Électriciens has also become a key venue for contemporary design in the Hauts-de-France region. The spirit of the gardens and former miners’ houses is a real source of inspiration for artists, writers, film-makers, photographers and designers.

From 1 February to 30 June 2024

The astonishing works of four artists living at La Pommeraie are on show at Le Coron, in partnership with the Paul Duhem Foundation. La Pommeraie, a Belgian home for people with disabilities, is home to a number of artists from the Pas-de-Calais and the Bassin minier, including Jean-Michel Wuilbeaux, Louis Van Baelens, Oscar Haus, Jacques Trovic and Patrick Lecointre. See the coalfield in a whole new light, through their eyes !

From 10 February to 8 December 2024

The Cité des Électriciens was home to many families between 1861 and 2013. In the 1920s and 1930s, many came from Poland to join the ranks of the miners, earning Bruay its nicknames of ‘Polish Capital’ or ‘Little Polish Rome’. Kasimir Zgorecki was part of this diaspora. Predestined for the mines, he forced fate and became a professional photographer. Based in Rouvroy, his studio was very popular with Poles. Through his magnificent black and white portraits, Zgorecki immortalises Poles and their traditions.

From 23 March to 30 June 2024

La Cité des Électriciens will be part of a major retrospective dedicated to Ladislas Kijno (1921-2012) organised by the Communauté d’Agglomération de Béthune-Bruay, Artois Lys Romane and the Kijno Donation. With the exhibition ‘La peinture dans la peau’ (Painting in the skin), the Cité des Électriciens offers visitors a chance to contemplate the artist’s subtle crumpled paper technique. It’s a chance to take a closer look at the many ways in which the fibre is creased in contemporary art. Jacques Trovic’s solar embroidery of wool and fabric, Isabelle Hin’s shimmering photographs of overalls, and the curtains by About A Work, a design duo committed to improving the hygrothermal comfort of mining houses, are all on display.

DFrom 23 March to 30 June 2024

“En Creux” is the culmination of the work of the four artists in residence at the Cité des Électriciens who won the photographic commission launched in 2022 to mark the 40th anniversary of the CRP/Centre Régional de la Photographie. Over the course of a year, Clément Brugger, Isabella Hin, Hideyuki Ishibashi and Apolline Lamoril tested the territory and its memory. Opting for different emblematic aspects of the Bassin Minier, each of them used innovative and experimental forms to explore the history of the place and its people.

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La Piscine

From 17 February to 26 May 2024

La Piscine de Roubaix presents an exhibition that comes to life, following a donation that will be a milestone in its history. La Piscine is exhibiting a remarkable private collection, built up over half a century of research and friendships and now offered to the museum.

The works in the collection reveal the sensitive process by which tastes, intellectual interests, collectors’ daydreams and the chance events of life and encounters have come together to form a harmonious and singular whole. Mainly devoted to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the donation is structured around groups of works by Victor Hugo, Jean Cocteau, François Desnoyer and many others… Come and see this spectacular exhibition at the La Piscine museum in Roubaix.

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Le Fresnoy

Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains, built on the remains of a former popular entertainment venue, transcends its simple function as an art school. Since its inauguration in Tourcoing in 1997, it has established itself as a hub for artistic exchange open to all, where exhibitions, screenings and cultural events are held side by side. Funded by the Ministry of Culture and the Hauts-de-France Region, under the leadership of Alain Fleischer, it welcomes young artists from all over the world, giving them access to cutting-edge technical equipment to explore all artistic languages, both traditional and digital. Its architecture, the vision of Bernard Tschumi, embodies both the heritage of the past and the boldness of modernity.

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The Artothèque de Lasécu is an art library offering free loans of original works, with the aim of democratising culture. It showcases the diversity of artistic movements and plastic techniques, with a collection that includes digital reproductions, gouaches, original prints, photography and sculptures. With over 800 works by 250 artists, it introduces and educates a wide audience through a variety of events, including exhibitions, openings and performances, playing an active part in the cultural life of the city.

From 16 March to 4 May 2024

Originally from the infamous Vologne valley, Sophie Lécuyer has been drawing since she was very young, and it quickly became an obsession. In 2005 she left the Vosges and moved to Nancy to study at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art et de Design, where she discovered and developed a passion for manual printing processes of all kinds. Since then, she has pursued her career as an artist, running her own printmaking studio in Nancy.
Her work with printed images has been the subject of exhibition projects, as well as collaborations in the fields of illustration and graphic design. Her practice of self-publishing has also led her to circulate in micro-publishing networks, taking part in festivals. In this vein, since 2015 she has co-founded and co-organised the printed arts festival l’Enfer in Nancy, which is now taking root around a shared screen-printing workshop project, entitled Miracle. In this way, she contributes to the dissemination and publication of other artists’ work, and makes her practice a place for sharing and encounters.

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Le MUba

Founded in 1822, the MUba boasts a varied collection of works of art, enriched over the centuries. Today, it houses remarkable pieces ranging from classical masterpieces to contemporary creations, offering a rich and diverse artistic experience. Through its temporary exhibitions and educational activities, the MUba plays an essential role in bringing culture and art to the public. As a place to meet and exchange ideas, it invites everyone to explore and appreciate the beauty and diversity of artistic expression.


From 16 March to 24 June 2024

In 2024, the Ministry of Culture and the Musée d’Orsay are celebrating 150 years of Impressionism with an exhibition in Paris and loans to 30 museums in France. The MUba is joining forces with the Musée d’Orsay for a major exhibition on Impressionist landscapes, featuring 58 masterpieces by Monet, Renoir and others. The exhibition explores the evolution of Impressionist landscape painting through five sections, from its realist beginnings to its post-impressionist evolutions, highlighting its legacy in modern art with works from Seurat to Mondrian.

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LaM - Lille Métropole

Founded in 1983, LaM’s mission is to present and promote significant works of art from the 20th and 21st centuries, offering the public a captivating insight into the evolution of modern and contemporary art. The museum houses works by great artists such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Fernand Léger, Amedeo Modigliani, Joan Miró and many others. In addition to its permanent collection, the LaM regularly stages temporary exhibitions showcasing emerging artists as well as major figures in modern and contemporary art. The museum also offers a space dedicated to art brut, highlighting the singular creations of self-taught or marginalised artists. With its vast landscaped gardens and contemporary architecture, the LaM offers a unique museum experience, inviting visitors to explore, reflect and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of modern and contemporary art.


From 5 April to 29 September 2024

NBorn in 1945 in Viviez, Guy Brunet developed a passion for cinema while watching the films shown by his father, a former travelling projectionist and film programmer in several cinemas in Aveyron and the Tarn. From an early age, Guy Brunet drew cartoons about the cinema, then wrote his first screenplay at the age of sixteen. After setting up his own company, Paravision, he directed his first Cecil B DeMille film in 2001 .

Guy Brunet single-handedly handles all the different jobs needed to make a film: director, producer, scriptwriter, dialogue writer, set designer, builder and presenter. His actresses and actors are embodied by silhouettes that he animates with his different voices. For this exhibition, which invites visitors to discover the artist’s creative process, the museum will be presenting a large number of silhouettes, posters, sets and scripts written and drawn by Guy Brunet, as well as the films he made. With 26 pieces by the artist in its collection, over the last few years LaM has been committed to safeguarding a body of work and archives that are now under threat.

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Save the date Lille Art Up! 2025

Art Night

La Nuit de l'Art is a captivating night where artists create live performances.

Come and experience an evening where colours and sounds come to life live, on Thursday 13 March 2025 from 6pm to 11pm.

Art Up! arrives in Grenoble

In 2024, the Art Up! brand was exported to the Grenoble region by co-creating Grenoble Art Up! with ALPEXPO.

See you at ALPEXPO from 22 to 25 May 2025 for the second edition.

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