Beyond the walls

Lille Grand Palais

Beyond the walls

Lille Art Up! is a creation of Lille Grand Palais. It naturally responds to the mission that the company has set itself: to be the standard-bearer for the destination Lille.
15 years after its creation, the fair has become an awaited event. It now brings together a community of collectors and contemporary art lovers that is growing in number every year. By orchestrating an off-site exhibition, Lille Art Up! enriches the experience it offers to its visitors. It also puts the spotlight on the abundant offerings of the region's museums.

In 2023, six museums from the Lille metropolis and the Hauts-de-France region accompanied us. The Frac Grand Large, the LaM, the Piscine, the Manufacture, the Fresnoy and the Artothèque Lasécu have offered you, in relay of the fair, privileged visits of their temporary or permanent exhibitions. All this continues to help make Lille a European capital of culture, recognized since 2004.

Discover our Beyond the Walls programm

- Le LaM : free admission for 2 people on presentation of a DUP Lille Art Up! VIP pass; reduced rate of €8 for access to the temporary exhibition Isamu Noguchi, sculpting the world from March 15th to July 1st, 2023 on presentation of a Lille Art Up! 2023 ticket; reduced rate of €5 for visiting the permanent collection until December 31st, 2023

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Isamu Noguchi, Sculpter le monde

Until april 23rd
As part of the 7th edition of the ADIAF's triennial exhibition "De leur temps", the Frac Grand Large presents a new snapshot of French contemporary art collections through a selection of recently acquired works on the 4 levels of the building. This exhibition is a unique panorama of recent purchases by French collectors and bears witness to their vitality and passion for the art of their time. With more than one hundred and twenty works from some sixty collections, the exhibition highlights gaps and echoes where particular choices become blurred. On the lookout for novelty, these collectors invite us to navigate within a wide diversity of expressions and to build our own path.

Faces Cachées
La Manufacture in Roubaix

Until August 27, 2023
Come and meet twenty-one artists from France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Benin, Alaska and many others through an exhibition entitled “Faces Cachées” whose theme is the mask and its multiple avatars. These works about textile art were made under the direction of the French artist and photographer Christine Mathieu. These artists were inspired by the different functions of the mask and its diverse origins such as Eskimos, African and Oceanian masks. An eclectic mix of works and artists that you can find until the end of August at the museum of La Manufacture in Roubaix.

François Andes
La Sécu

Until July 13, 2023
The contemporary art museum La Sécu presents an exhibition dedicated to François Andes. Through his drawings, he immerses us in time and space thanks to a rich and wonderful fantasy universe, making us discover supernatural beings according to his features and achievements. It is in this magical territory, populated by strange chimeras, that François Andes takes us in the dreams of our childhood and the religious or pagan stories where the imagination, hallucination and reality are mixed. With his imagination, he takes the spectators to visit a new world, filled with beings all more original than each other, and surreal scenery straight out of his dreams and nightmares.

Chaleur humaine – Triennale Art & Industrie
Frac Grand Large

From June 10, 2023 to January 14, 2024
As part of the 2nd edition of the Triennale Art & Industrie, the Frac Grand Large is presenting a new exhibition entitled “Chaleur humaine”, dedicated to the topic of energy and their impacts on different artistic practices such as design and architecture. This exhibition consists of observing and making the public discover what the energy challenges, which emerged in the second half of the 20th century, had as consequences on art. It will also allow you to see what these artistic practices have brought to the discourses and representations related to the energy and ecological issues of our planet. Through different routes, these works will invite the visitor to discover these achievements on subjects such as excessive energy consumption, natural resources, the intensity of the living between forces and fatigue or on the flows of data and energy.

JonOne : La tentation du décor
Musée La Piscine

From 24 June to 4 September 2023
On the occasion of the 2023 edition of the Roubaisien URBX festival, La Piscine invites you to discover the exhibition dedicated to the American street artist JonOne from June 24 next. Established in France since the end of the 80’s and pioneer of graffiti, JonOne develops a colorful and sparkling style by reinventing this street practice, which he also practices on canvas before being exhibited in museum. This exhibition is in line with his recent collaborations with Gien’s earthenware as well as with the Daum crystal, and the movement and color will be at the heart of it thanks to a series of drawings and paintings exhibited in the spaces of La Piscine.

Panorama 25
Le Fresnoy

From September 22, 2023 to January 7, 2024
Le Fresnoy invites you to its flagship annual exhibition, Panorama, starting September 22, 2023. Each year, this exhibition by the Fresnoy artists presents more than 50 new works in the fields of image, sound and digital creation. Panorama 25 will be particularly interested in light and shadow games in a museum, the movements that light boxes, projectors, video devices, computers and mobile phones can create. These games of darkness and light will highlight the link that can exist between cinema and museum, the dark and the enlightened, the moving and the static.

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Lille Art Up! 2024 from 8 - 11 February

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Art Up! arrives in Grenoble

In 2024, the Art Up! brand will be exported to the Grenoble region by co-creating with ALPEXPO, Grenoble Art Up! See you at ALPEXPO from 4 to 7 April 2024.

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