3 exhibitions question the theme of this edition, Transparencies and Lights.

Each of them propose a qualitative and ambitious project.

Le MusVerre a must-see museum of glass creation

Interface a curatorial proposal

of 7 emerging international artists

Révélation an exhibition dedicated to young artists from art schools in the Euro-region

In the heart of the Avesnois region, the MusVerre is a blue stone case with nearly 4000 pieces exhibited on 1000m². It is both a historical and contemporary collection. This is a place for wonder, sharing and creativity for young and old people.

During the Lille Art Up! 2022 event, the MusVerre presents a selection of artworks related to the Transparencies and Lights theme, with three axes of approach: purity and transparency, transparency and light games, light and transcendence.


Meule Vive

Three Circles of Family




Beyond what unites them around the theme of Transparencies and Lights, the artists of Interface offer the same conceptual vision of plasticity and sensibility, through their work on deconstruction.

Dom Gray

Hoa Dung Clerget

Jean Philippe Duboscq

Jonathan Adolphe

Manon Pretto

Every year, the Revelation by Lille Art Up! exhibition showcases young artists from the Euroregion’s art schools.

Agata Wieczorek

Alexis Costeux

Emilie Rosati

Quentin Faucomprez

Hugo Miel

Laurent Delecroix

Lucie Herlemont

Marius Martinot

Rémy Faveroult


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