In 2023, discover the exhibitions of this 15th edition around the theme Memory Interplay


Memory. Raw emotions. The Paul Duhem Foundation for Outsider Art (Beloeil-Belgium) presents the work of fifteen artists: they tell us about a memory that words cannot express.

Interfacea curatorial proposal by emerging international artists.

Revelation an exhibition dedicated to young artists from art schools in the Euro-region.

The Paul Duhem Foundation invites you to discover a group of works in the Art Brut movement. Produced by singular artists, the works, with their varied materials, tools, subjects and styles, bear witness to their paths on the fringe of official art. You will be amazed by the strength of expression or the colourist talent of these artists and will experience a rare artistic and emotional moment.

The works collected, protected and distributed by the Paul Duhem Foundation have often had a chaotic career, on the fringe of official culture. Driven by a need to bear witness, the authors of these works are not embarrassed by our codes; they draw, paint, sculpt, assemble, weave without taboos. They tell us about a memory that words cannot express.

As part of the 2023 edition of the Lille Art Up! fair, the Paul Duhem Foundation proposes to discover the work of 12 artists on the theme of memory: colossal or meticulous sculptures, drawings with grey or coloured pencils, markers, portraits or abstract paintings with acrylic paint, pastels, tapestry, assemblages… The materials, tools, subjects and styles are varied and take us on a journey of memories, dreams, lost illusions…

This year and for the second year running, Lille Art Up! is offering the public the chance to discover Interface, an exhibition that brings together emerging talents from the new international art scene. Some have galleries, others do not. Some have just graduated from school, others have already established themselves.

This exhibition invites us to discover their works that are most in line with this year’s theme “Memory Interplay”.

Above all, these artists propose a conceptual vision of plasticity and sensitivity through their work on deconstruction.

Ten years ago, Lille Art Up! took the bold step of encouraging young artists from schools in the Euro-region by reserving them an exhibition. Since then, Revelation by Lille Art Up! has become one of the must-see events of the fair. This year, the ten or so winners, selected by the fair’s artistic committee, have explored the theme of the edition. Their works offer a surprising variation of the theme Memory Interplay through photography, engraving, painting, plexiglass sculpture, video…

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