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7, rue des Pyramides
59000 Lille France

Mobile : +33 (0)6 76 74 35 52

Email :

Manager : Olivier Beaudon

Louis Dimension is based in Lille at the crossroads of Europe specialised in consulting, research, trading and sale of works of art on behalf of artists and partner galleries.

We have selected for you, unique pieces or original works in limited editions that can be viewed and aquired on our online website. We take pride in showcasing our artists in contemporary art fairs or during exceptional events.

We have a wide selection to choose from without compromising the artist, his/her career and artistic choices. The respect & friendship that we have with our artists is as vital and it is indispensable. Their backgrounds, their being and their philosphies never leave our consciousness.

A selection of gifted artists, between passion and reason in which we seek emotion.

Featured artists :

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