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15 rue Philippe Marcombes
63000 Clermont-Ferrand France

Mobile : 0673494819

Email :

Manager : David Chabannes

The gallery was founded in 1967 by René Chabannes and Christiane Vallé.

Both passionate about art and artistic creation, it is together that they built the Christiane Vallé gallery through exhibitions on figurative art and promoted many artists: Bernard Buffet, Jean Jansem and Grabriel Dauchot… They sought to highlight the creators of their time and prospected to find the artists of tomorrow. Very quickly, their work made a place for itself in the region, but also on a national and international level.

After 40 exciting years that allowed art lovers to find the works that will share their daily lives, they passed the gallery on to their son Cyril.

Their son will make the gallery evolve in the digital world, but also bring a more contemporary look. This transmission will end prematurely, with the death of Cyril Chabannes.

But this family history does not stop there, the grandson of the founders, David Chabannes takes the keys of this historical gallery. Today, the gallery is involved in modern art, narrative figuration, pop art and street art. The life of the gallery is done with two eyes with David and Laura Chabannes.

Together, they are a force of innovation to transmit their passion and their vision on art. They are present on social networks (Instagram, Tik Tok). They continue to value the historical artists of the gallery such as Roger Bonafé, Claude Venard, Jean Moiras…

The gallery seeks to be in the air of time with the artists of Pop art and street art who make and will make the news of tomorrow as Keymi, Jo Di Bona, Motte and many others, but also by proposing artists of international renown such as Peter Klasen and Greg Leon Guillemin. The colors and the pop figuration give pep to the gallery with hangings, installations as well as windows which attract the eye.

Their influence is made by exhibitions, fairs and international exchanges.

Armance Rougiron

Featured artists :

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